Avery Belcher is a Minnesota-based technology and management consulting firm serving middle market companies in the Midwest.



Avery Belcher automates the boring stuff. We surround management with the support they need to keep things running.

We allow owners to remove themselves from the day to day grind and maintenance of the business so they can spend more time driving results.


Avery Belcher puts you, the captain, back where you should be. At the helm and above deck.

Imagine where you could take your company if you only had more time to think strategically.


Avery Belcher is a Minnesota-based technology and management consulting firm that serves growing middle market companies.


We automate the boring stuff. We send sensors and robots into the places you don't want to go. We report valuable incites about your business and your customers.

We buy you time.

And you can spend that time however you want.


Plant the seeds for growth today.

Workflow Automation

Machines are best at the things most humans find extremely boring; counting, monitoring and reporting the same thing at the same time each day. Those aren't jobs, those are activities, boring activities.

Human Factors

Automating the boring stuff isn't about replacing people. It's about letting machines do what they're good at so people can do more of what they're good at. Automating the boring stuff is about enjoying more of your time.

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P.O. Box 241046

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